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Installing Sitehelp on your site

To install sitehelp on your site your should add supplied html/javascript code to each page on your site where sitehelp should apear.
In most cases this is all pages of your site, so javascript should be added to "main" template.

Finding HTML (javascript) code

HTML code can be found in site manage section:
Each support line has its own html code.
Several support lines can be installed on same page.

Unless you have access to templates editing - use any plugin that allows to add javascript code to templete.

Here is some tips for most popular CMS:

Wordpress: HTML code can be added to main.tmpl file or by using plugin (for example): html-javascript-adder
Joomla: HTML code can be added to main template file or by using plugin (for example): Custom HTML Advanced Module
DLE: HTML code should be added to template file.

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