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Roster variables and macroses

Roster variables and macroses

Help :: Roster macroses

Currently you can use following macroses:

Variable Description
${ID} client number
${JID} client jabber ID
${JID_LOGIN} client jabber login
${GEOIP_COUNTRY} country name
${GEOIP_COUNTRY_CODE} 2 chars country code
${GEOIP_REGION} region name
${GEOIP_CITY} city name
${IP} client IP
${PAGE_TITLE} client current page title
${URL} client current URL
${REFERRER_URL} client referrer URL
${REFERRER_SE} search engine name (from referrer URL)
${REFERRER_SE_KW} search engine search keyword
${REFERRER_SE_PAGE} search engine search result page
${ASSIGNED_OPERATOR_LOGIN} login of operator currently assigned to client
${ASSIGNED_OPERATOR_NAME} name of operator currently assigned to client
${TIME_ON_SITE} total time client browses site (format is: h:mm:ss)
${MINUTES_ON_SITE} total time (in minutes) client browses site (format is: ss)
${VIEWED_PAGES} total number of pages client changed browsing site
${MANUAL_CLIENT_NAME} saved name for client (using !name command)

Additional functions:

Function Description Usage Example
$first_not_empty{var1||var2||var3||..} return 1st not empty value $first_not_empty{${GEOIP_CITY}||${IP}}
$if_then_else{var1||if_not_empty||if_empty} if [condition] then [result on not empty] else [result on empty] $if_then_else{${REFERRER_SE}||SE:${REFERRER_SE}||}
$domain{var} Get domain part from URL $domain{${URL}}

Real-life examples:

Example Output samples
$if_then_else{${REFERRER_SE}||${REFERRER_SE} / ${REFERRER_SE_KW}||${IP}} Google / "some keyword"
Yandex / "some another keyword"
$if_then_else{${REFERRER_SE}||${REFERRER_SE} / ${REFERRER_SE_KW}||$domain{$first_not_empty{${REFERRER_URL}||${URL}}}} Google / "some keyword"
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