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Operator commands


Once you are writing message to client your message can be treated as command if it begins with "!" sign.
Client will not receive anything and you will get reply from server.

List of supported command

Command Short description
!help shows list of available commands
!1 - !100 send prepared answer X to client, X = 1-100
!s1 - !s100 show prepared answer X, X = 1-100
Ex: !s1 will show prepared answer #1.
!html [on|off|1|0] allow sending unsafe html to client (do not escape <, >,...)
!smile [on|off|1|0] allow processing smiles in text. (replace :-), ;-), ... to images)
!links [on|off|1|0] replace hyperlinks in text to html hyperlinks
!logs get conversation history for this client
!info get client information, eg time on site, referrer, current page url, chat window state, ...
!name [text] set/delete custom client name for current web client.
!operators show all operators assigned to this channel
!transfer [operator_id | login] transfer current client to operator [id] or [login]. (id can be get from "!operators" command, partial login can be used)
!takeover transfer client to self (shortcut for "!transfer [my_id]")
!invite [operator_id | login] invite operator [id] to conversation (id can be get from "!operators" command, partial login can be used)
!join/unjoin join/unjoin current conversation (if you are not main operator for this conversation)
!goto url redirect client browser to url
!ban [period | command] ban current user for [period]. period examples: 10m (10 minutes) 5h (5 hours) 1d (1 day); maximum is 1d.
'list' - list current ban-list entries
'flush' - empty ban-list
'delete [IP]' - delete IP from ban-list
!cobrowse start cobrowse session. (combined browser view)
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